Día de los Muertos

Since 1995, the California Center for the Arts, Escondido has invited the San Diego community to celebrate the Day of the Dead by creating individual altars in memory of loved ones, leaving traditional offerings, dry rice, beans and a candle as well as photographs, mementos and flowers, within the installation created by reknowned Mexico City artist, Eloy Tarcisio.

Live trio and mariachi music, traditional foods including Mexican hot chocolate and pan dulce, face painting, and arts & crafts for families, all make this a festive and memorable evening and a meaningful cultural event.

Crescentera has co-produced the festival with the California Center for the Arts since 2010. Yearly attendance has increased to over 5000, expanding it into a campus wide gathering to include  museum exhibits and live performances in the two theaters.

Over the years these programs have included the following activities :

Misa Azteca World Premiere
An Evening with John Phillip Santos
Heart & Soul of Mexico
Los Colores de la Muerte