Presentation of the Hopi Prophecies

Taking place on November 23, 1993 at NYU Law School Tishman Auditorium, the presentation of the Hopi Prophecies was a historic gathering of Hopi Spiritual Elders who shared their traditional prophecies regarding the ecological, spiritual and ethical crises confronting humanity today.

Since 1948 the Hopi Elders had sought to speak their prophecies at the United Nations. After many years of knocking at the door of “the house of mica” their aspirations were finally fulfilled by the Cry of the Earth conference. In addition to the conference, this event at NYU was a rare moment in which the Hopi officially presented their prophecies to the world.

The prophecies reveal the urgency of the threat to the planet, and offer a vision of how humanity must live in balance with nature for survival.

Speakers included Martin Gashweseoma, Manuel Hoyongowa, Thomas Banyacya and Emery Holmes, Sr., and was introduced by Chief Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Onondaga Nation.

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Cry of the Earth Conference