The Last Supper: The Living Tableau

One of the world’s seminal masterpieces — Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper — comes to life in The Last Supper: The Living Tableau, an evocative nine-minute video tableau vivant. The Living Tableau was created and filmed in exquisite and exacting detail by Armondo Linus Acosta, with Academy Award Winners Vittorio Storaro, cinematographer, Dante Ferretti, production designer, and Francesca Lo Schiavo, set decorator, and was produced by The Academy of Film and the Arts in Belgium.

2019 marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. It is fitting therefore that these legendary filmmakers have joined together now in a tour de force re-creation of Leonardo’s masterwork. The result is a piece of ultimate beauty to be exhibited in museums, churches, galleries and piazzas worldwide as a breathtaking and large-scale video installation.

The Last Supper, Timeless Inspiration

For the world premiere Crescentera presented the Tableau installation in Milan’s Palazzo Reale, as part of an exhibition in collaboration with the Vatican Museums, titled The Last Supper, Timeless Inspiration (Il Cenacolo, ispirazione senza tempo).

This joint exhibition presents The Living Tableau with the Vatican Museums’ newly restored tapestry of The Last Supper, one of the very first reproductions of Leonardo’s masterpiece, commissioned in the early 16th Century by Francis I, King of France, and his mother, Louise of Savoy.

These two important works crafted 500 years apart highlight the fascination that Leonardo’s masterpiece has held and continues to hold throughout the ages.

The exhibition was open to the public from 8 October to 17 November 2019, free of charge as part of the Milano Leonardo 500 celebration.

Event Series

In the years since, Crescentera has presented the film around Europe and in particular Italy, shown both in its original form and as a projection on the facades of public buildings, as designed by director Armondo Linus Acosta.


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